Monday, March 23, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Hi everyone! So sorry we haven't updated lately...we've been moving into our new home! It's been so much fun and a lot of work. Hopefully I'll have a little more free time now so I can update more often. Today was the start of my 16th week and the baby is the size of an avocado. Over the next few weeks the baby will double in size. Amazing!

So now for the really exciting news...
We had a wonderful Dr. appointment this afternoon, and going into it we knew there was a chance for us to find out the sex of the baby, even though it's still a little early! After a wonderful ultrasound we found's a precious little boy! He has the cutest profile and was bouncing all around. We are so in love with this precious baby! We saw his toes and fingers and heard his heartbeat again. God is such an incredible creator! Josh is already talking about taking him to look at tools at Lowe's and wondering which sports he'll play. They'll be so cute together!

We love you all. Please continue to keep our little one in your prayers :)
Lots of love, Mommy & Daddy Meeh