Sunday, July 26, 2009

the crib has arrived!

What an eventful last week we've had around here...the nursery is SO close to being complete! Last weekend Josh finished painting the nursery, and on Friday night his parents delivered the crib. Josh's dad "The Grandude" is a very talented carpenter! One of the first things he said after we told him that we were pregnant was "Well, I better get working on a crib." Josh and I picked out a design and pattern that we liked, and ever since then he has worked many, many hours on creating the perfect crib! It's going to be a family heirloom passed on through all our children, and then one day onto their children as well. Thanks Grandude and Mama C! As soon as the crib was in the nursery, I immediately began putting on the bedding. It's so precious! We are going to have another little sailor in the family. Sometimes I just walk back to the nursery, peer in , smile, and soak everything detail up. Our little guy will be here so soon!

6 weeks, or less left to go.... It's unbelievable how quickly the pregnancy has gone by. At this point, I would be glad for him to come a couple of weeks early. Technically, he is full term anywhere from 36-40 weeks, so he just needs to hold out a couple more! Last week Josh and I were thinking through all that we have going on between now and the "due date" and we realized that this weekend might be one of the last weekends that we have for a while, without any plans, or without focusing most of our attention on our baby. So, Josh planned such a fun date day/night yesterday. We woke up and made blueberry pancakes, went thrift shopping for our house(one of my new favorite nesting hobbies) and then went to Barnum & Bailey's Circus "The Greatest Show on Earth" and ate a delicious late night snack at The Cheesecake Factory! We made such fun memories!

As for my nesting, it's been quite successful! The majority of my list has been completed. Thanks to my wonderful husband :) I have been cleaning like a crazy woman, organizing everything from the laundry room to closets, painting a chandelier and nursery furniture (outside so the fumes won't bother me), and setting up baby things. My wonderful mom also taught me how to sew! I felt like that was something my mom resume needed. So, we made pillows for our outdoor furniture! She's a great teacher, and they are just adorable - adding a nice pizazz to the front porch.

Working on the Chandelier -BEFORE


This week we are heading to San Diego for Josh's brother's wedding. The trip is cutting it close to my 5 week traveling mark, but I'm so thankful that I'll be able to go. We're so excited for Dan and Lauren! What a beautiful wedding it will be!

As I am writing this blog I keep thinking of things that have happened since our last post. Life has been eventful! Josh and I had a fabulous One Year anniversary getaway to the Hill Country Hyatt. The Lazy River was the perfect spot for this pregnant lady - we laid out and floated around all weekend. Thanks mom and dad for such a great gift!

We hope that each of you are doing well and trusting God in EVERY detail of life. He cares about each one. We serve an awesome God!