Friday, February 12, 2010

like father, like son

what do these two rooms have in common?

josh's office

cade's nursery

 you got it, sailboats!
today, February 12, 2010 marks a record breaking day in sailing history 

the first time two multi-hull sailboats have raced head-to-head in the America's Cup
each boat cost 100s of millions of dollars
it's a big deal

the first race of The America's Cup took place in Valencia this morning, 
and these two boys woke up early to watch it together!

winner: BMWOracle, USA
the next race is sunday, the best 2 out of 3 wins 

interested in tuning in? watch the races at

UPDATE:  USA won the race on Sunday, which makes 
USA the winners of the 33rd America's cup!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

yummy, yummy to cade's tummy

Yesterday Cade ate "big boy" food for the first time! A few other times he had eaten rice cereal, but this was the first time we added a veggie to the meal.  He ate mashed up avocado!  Josh & I love avocado so it's fitting that he does, too!  He looooved the avocado and would dive for the spoon before I could get it to his mouth.  The cereal, on the other hand, he was not so much a fan of...




Wednesday, February 3, 2010

look what cade can do!

 Josh, being the incredible dad/husband that he is, was on baby duty last night while my wonderful mom (Mimi) and I were running some errands.  When we walked in the front door, we saw two great big smiles.  One on the face of a VERY proud daddy, and the other on a happy baby boy, who was sitting up all by himself!  What an exciting moment! 


(disclaimer: He does tend to bobble, wobble, and occasionally fall backwards; however, he is getting stronger each and every day. O yeah, and when he does fall over, he cracks up laughing. What a kid!)