Monday, October 5, 2009

lots and lots of pumpkins!

Fall is my favorite! It brings crisp, cool air (hypothetically-if you don't live in TX) and is the beginning of a wonderful holiday season! Mom and I made a precious wreath for the front door, my pumpkin hand towels were in the kitchen, the festive leaf plates were hanging on the wall, and my Yankee spice candle was burning. Yet something was missing... Pumpkins! We needed three pumpkins for the porch, a Josh, a Liz, and a Cade pumpkin. How do we solve the problem? Go to the pumpkin patch! With Cade dressed in his "My First Halloween" onsie we set off on our adventure. Josh's mom was our photographer and she captured many great moments...even though Cade slept most of the time! Enjoy the photos! Now, our home looks even more "fall-y."

Fall Blessings to All!

he so knows how cute he is
Cade's pumpkin!
my two cute boys
my little pumpkin