Tuesday, January 26, 2010

our first family vacation

sailing. sunshine. turquoise water. toes in the sand.  
pink sunsets. dear friends. family.
All of those add up to the perfect family vacation!

Last Thursday we returned home from the most fabulous week in Key West, Fl!  We met up with Captain Maury and his wife/First Mate Ginger, and spent the week on their sailboat, Gypsysails, in the blue waters of Key West.  Those two had a great influence on Josh's love of sailing.  Together they sailed down the east coast a few Christmases ago. What a joy it was to finally meet them and spend a whole week on one of Josh's favorite sailboats.  We shared some great laughs and made memories to last a lifetime!

It was the perfect first vacation for our family of 3.  Cade was a great traveler...even though he started some serious teething the day we arrived!  He loved the rocking of the boat & getting to spend uninterrupted time with his mom and dad, but he was NOT a fan of the water. O dear!  Hopefully he'll get over this soon, as we plan on spending many more vacations at the beach/ sailing on the water.  :)

                    ready for a day at sea!

               Captain Josh - ready to brave the storm!

                      mommy's favorite little chunker

                    Maury sure can make Cade giggle

                                               little sailor man
                      Cade and Da-Da taking a stroll on the beach

                            those eyes make mommy melt

                           one night it got a little chilly,
                         but there was a beautiful sunset


                           not so much a fan of the wa-wa

                             he looooves blowing those bubbles

                          my sweet family

                              the crew of "Gypsysails"

                                 sweet Ginger and baby Cade

                          Maury thinks Cade looks good in shades

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  1. So fun!!! What sweet pictures! Luke did NOT like the water at all for a while either! :)