Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4D Ultrasound!

Hi all! Last week, Josh and I went the Medical Center for a Level 2 Ultrasound, which means that we were able to see our little boy through the normal sonograms and also in 4D. (They were 3D pictures and the 4th dimension was his movement.) The Dr. measured his skull, and checked the 4 chambers of his heart and looked around for all of his organs, etc. so we were able to watch our baby for over an hour! What a treat! I was speechless the entire time at the amazing way God has created him and developed everything he needs. It was truly an indescribable experience :) When the Dr. finished our appointment he told us that the baby is growing right on schedule, developing just as he had hoped, healthy, and that he couldn't have given us a better report! WOW! God is so good and has truly answered our prayers and all of your prayers for this little guy. Below are some of the precious pictures from the appointment. Be sure and read the captions so you can tell what's going on. There are so many cute ones it's hard to pick a favorite, but I must say many of you will be excited about the "Gig 'Em" picture!

Profile of our little baby boy :)
4D Precious Baby
4D Thumb sucking :)

These are the little feet making big movements inside...
He's definitely getting stronger!
He is so strong that Josh was able to feel him moving around last weekend!!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our little one! We love y'all!

Mommy and Daddy Meeh

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  1. What beautiful, sweet pictures! It is truly amazing to see the way the Lord knits babies together so wonderfully! I am SO excited for you and Josh! And I would LOVE to soak up the sun with you this summer...being tan and big pregnant is better than being white and big pregnant :) Love you!