Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bump

Happy Easter! I hope you all have had a blessed day with your friends and family celebrating our Savior's resurrection! We had a wonderful celebration on Saturday evening with the Marks and Meeh families at our new home :) It's so exciting to think that next year we will have a little one going on an Easter egg hunt and celebrating with us!

This past week the little boy made himself known as I started feeling little "thumps" coming from inside. It is so amazing to feel his movements! He always seems to get moving right about the time I am ready to fall asleep... He is also growing bigger and bigger and so is the bump! Many of you have been asking for "bump" pictures, so I thought I would add some in this post. They were taken yesterday when all the fam was here. Monday begins my 19th week! I can't believe I am almost halfway through the pregnancy. I am still feeling great, and reading books and picking out baby things every chance I get! Thank you for your continued prayers :)

Much love, Mommy and Daddy Meeh


  1. You look SOOO cute!!!! I can't wait to meet your little guy! Our little ones will be great friends!

  2. Lizzy! you are too cute! I am [still] so excited for you guys and this picture makes it all so real!

  3. Congratulations Elizabeth and Josh! I had heard that y'all were expecting, but had not yet gotten a chance to say congratulations! Thank goodness I stumbled upon your blog! ;) This blog world is fantastic- is it not? Well, my sister in law and brother are having a baby boy next month, and I could not be more excited to be an aunt! Y'all should have play dates, since William (their boy) will only be a few months older than your boy! I am now officially "following" your blog- I am so excited!!