Thursday, March 11, 2010

playing at the park

each new season is my favorite because at that time it's exactly what I need.  
all seasons bring wonderful, beautiful changes 
the change of spring that we're so looking forward to is warmer air and sunshine!  
so far, every day that we've had sunshine, 
cade and i have packed up the stroller and headed to the park.  
 {when i said "packed up the stroller"...
i definitely meant i threw in some clorox wipes
to wipe down the swing and slides b/c he chews on everything}
He looooves those baby swings, and I loooove watching him giggle. 
looking forward to many more days like this... 



  1. Your baby is SO CUTE and handsome. What a little personality already! You are such a cute mama ---- you are going to have to train me in your ways when my time comes around! Love y'all

  2. What adorable pictures!!! Park days are so fun! I think he looks lots like your dad! Love you!!!