Thursday, March 11, 2010

snow day!!

I wrote this post two weeks ago...and just uploaded the pics today...

Monday afternoon I was watching the weather forecast...we had a slight, i mean very slight, chance for 1/2 inch of "snowy slush" on Tuesday, but Mimi & Champ had an 80% chance for snow.  What's a mom to do who reeeaaallllllly wants pictures of her chunky 6 month old baby boy in the snow?  We packed up, kissed da-da goodbye, and headed to College Station for a snow day!  We had a blast!  Snow flakes like I've never seen in Texas...some were the size of quarters!  Cade was in awe of the snow falling quickly from the sky.  I think he just didn't know which one to grab and put in his mouth.  The front yard was a blanket of white.  Everything is more beautiful covered in snow :)   We ended up getting 2-3 inches of snow & got some precious pics, too.  We always love going to visit Mimi and Champ.  Can't wait 'til next time!

 precious mimi!

words can't express my excitement

 loving the snow and my baby

 family snow pic 
(missed ya hubby and mags!)

 silly champ!

warming up his fingers and toes from a day in the snow!

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